Project Overview

Area N has remained undeveloped for 19 years and is now overgrown scrub brush. Fourth Ave Gospel’s $1.725 million bid for the property was the highest received in the recent public auction and the highest bid ever for this property.

Fourth Ave Gospel has put time and effort into carefully developing plans for the property that are environmentally conscious, low density and that will add substantial value to the South Barrington community.

These plans will turn an undeveloped, unsightly lot into a beautiful site, that includes a new place of worship and state-of-the-art school. The school campus will consist of educational areas, a gym, and a kitchen. Within the school, there will be a small school store run by local church members.

Project Features

Aesthetics and the Environment

Fourth Avenue has paid close attention to maximizing the aesthetics from inside and outside the development and minimizing the environmental impact. Fourth Avenue’s site layout was designed as such for minimal impact on these wetlands, impacting only 3.4% of the existing wetlands.

Cooperation and Compromise

Since the inception of the project, Fourth Avenue has been open and transparent in its cooperation with Village officials, elected leaders, the SBPD and representatives of the surrounding neighborhoods. The developers have made multiple amendments to the plans to accommodate changes requested by the village and by the neighbors. For example:

Economic Benefits

The development will deliver a substantial positive economic impact for South Barrington and the surrounding communities. Fourth Avenue is committed to “buy local” and support community businesses through the planning, construction, and operation of the church and the school.