The Truth About Area N

Why the sale of this parcel of land by the South Barrington Park District is good for the village. 

The proposed sale of a parcel of land owned by the South Barrington Park District to a local company seeking to build a new church and a school has been the subject of much misinformation in the community.

The site is known as Area N.  It is an overgrown area of scrub brush that is not being used as a park. It has sat vacant for the past 19 years, during which time the Parks District has been unsuccessfully trying to sell it.  Developers have repeatedly walked away from the property. The last two offers for the property were $1 million (2020) and $1.6 million (2021).  Now, the Parks District has received a new bid from a committed developer at a higher price — $1.725 million.

The prospective developer is Fourth Avenue Gospel Building, Inc. (Fourth Ave Gospel), a charitable religious organization.   Fourth Ave Gospel is owned and operated by a local congregation of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC).  The Fourth Ave Gospel congregation (about 200 people) has been part of the Chicago area since the late 1800s and at our current location since 1979.

We want to present the facts, so that the sale, the future use plans, and the new ownership can be judged on its merits. We welcome open debate and discussion about this project, but we want to ensure everyone knows the truth about Area N.

The Facts Tell the Truth About Area N: The vocal opposition – including small factions of the South Barrington community and individuals who have no connection to our community – are using misleading arguments and false information to denigrate the local developers from Fourth Ave Gospel and their church.

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